GSM/Cellular as Primary or Backup

With the vast reduction in home telephone lines it is vitally important to keep your customers fully protected with new technology, and you can do just that with First Response Monitoring's GSM/Cell Backup or Primary Monitoring Services.

Whether your residential customers no longer have a land-line or your commercial customers would like back-up protection, you can offer them many options when you have FRM as your monitoring partner.  We can also monitor GSM Primary Fire Systems.  

Call now to find out more about FRM's Cell Backup or Primary monitoring services.

Excellent Customer Care

At First Response Monitoring we are representatives of your company, and we take that seriously. We will answer the phone with your company name, speak to the customer as if we are working directly out of your home office and direct any concerns or questions to you immediately by email or text.

Online Management Tools

As a customer of First Response Monitoring you receive full access to our customized dealer account Management system. FROMM allows unlimited access for viewing accounts, changing customer information, printing reports and much more.

The FRM Advantage

We are UL-listed and a Five Diamond central station. We do more than meet the UL standards required of us-we exceed them. All of our computers, servers and phone systems are redundant and we have multiple fiber carriers to ensure our communication systems never fail.